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Dental Scaling and Polishing 

We recommend dental cleanings for your pet in order to promote good oral hygiene and to help prevent dental disease.  Plan to drop off your pet in the morning around 9am and pickup in the late afternoon.  It is important for your pet's safety that you do not give any food after midnight the night before but DO allow them to drink water.

All pets are required to be current on their vaccinations. Dogs must have their DAPP, Lepto, Bordetella and Rabies vaccines. Cats must have their FVRCP and Rabies vaccines. If you cannot provide medical documents showing the vaccines were administered by a veterinarian we will administer them.
Our economy dental cleaning and polishing includes the following:

1. A pre-surgical exam performed by the veterinarian to ensure your pet is healthy for anesthesia.

2. The dental cleaning is performed using injectable and gas anesthesia using isoflurane

3. Your pet’s heart and respiratory rates, blood pressure and oxygenation will be monitored closely.

4. Ultrasonic scaling and polishing of the teeth

5. A thorough oral exam while under anesthesia performed by the veterinarian. Cat- $209.50

Dog: 0-24lbs- $229.50 25-99lbs- $249.50 Over 99lbs- $269.50

The base price does not include extractions, pain medications or antibiotics, which are only performed if deemed necessary by the doctor. These additional services that are offered for an additional cost:

1. Extractions These are done only if the doctor determines that they are needed due to infection or fracture. It is best for us to have authorization now so that we do not have to keep your pet under anesthesia while we are trying to contact you. The cost can vary greatly due to difficulty level of the extraction ranging from $39.75-179.50 per tooth. When extractions are performed, antibiotics (~$80) and pain meds (~$80) are required during surgery. These medications will also be sent home with you (~$80). Other procedures such as gum suturing ($24.75) may also be necessary. 

2. IV catheter and fluids The IV catheter provides quick access to the veins in the event of an emergency. Fluids help maintain blood pressure and protect the kidneys and liver during surgery, and also can help your pet wake up from anesthesia more quickly. This is required for animals 5 years of age or older. $79.75

3. Pre-anesthetic blood testing We recommend a blood screening test before anesthesia for all pets. The tests look for problems like anemia, diabetes, kidney and liver disease. Pets that are 5 years and older are required to have a blood screening prior to anesthesia. $149.50 - $169.50

4. Microchip Although this can be installed at any time, it involves a fairly large needle so if done while your pet is under anesthesia and already getting pain medication the procedure is more comfortable. Our microchip includes lifelong registration. Chip $49.95

5. Discounted Toe Nail Trim $15.75 (reg $18.75)